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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Giddy with joy. On my way to Brasil and what is done is done, what isn’t has to wait until my return! Reminds me of the past-when you left the house, no one could contact you until you returned and phoned again. Feel as though I am in a time warp. Without a phone and more often than not, no internet, I am in limbo.

    It is a crisis, I cannot find my magnifying mirror and tweezers!

    Meandered into the gate area with the “others.” Brasilians tend to chatter like long lost relatives. The noise level at that gate is infinitely more welcoming than the thousands of other gateways to cities around the world. I travel between English and Portuguese discussing Canada’s healthcare challenges with the Brasilian mother of an Autistic boy sitting to my right. The older son is gay, living in Brasil and we share stories of limited acceptance and prejudice. A couple of men are watching “futebol” and I join them while my laptop is charging nearby. As the departure time arrives the crowd surges forward, another endearing aspect of the culture, lines are non-existent and everyone is left to their own devices.

    Landing in Brasil (why the rest of the world uses a “z” in Brasil, I will never know!) brings a slight twinge of fear, anxiety and uncertainty that I have the language skills to be a functioning participant in the culture. Although I realize when I ask for a “poop” yogurt versus coconut, I must be willing to laugh at myself and trust this too shall pass and I will be able to communicate what I really came here to create-connection, love, passion and a slightly better idea as to what comes next.

    Arrive at the airport, immediately sense discomfort and vulnerability. How do I contact my friend, Cris, and make arrangements to get to her apartment? Found the clerk to change dollars to Reais ($1.80R to the $1US less $20R tariff) then the information booth for directions, got to the bus ticket counter, purchased a ticket and departure/arrival times, hit the restroom again (NO tissue in the toilet!) and settled in to wait for the bus. Decided it is best not to read my book but to be the observer and enjoy the experience of being here again. Far too much time has passed since I left in 2002 with Taelor.

    Vultures swarm and I giggle, what a change from eagles in Port Townsend to hawks in MN. The vultures are protected here since they are the guardians of the environment. Better cleaners than the people along the roads, sweeping and collecting the litter swirling around their feet. People nestled under the bridges and byways next to the busy city street.
    Brought gobs of homeopathic remedies along. I am the in-house nurse! Jasmine who is turning six and having a birthday party at Disney in Florida for eleven days, has a barking cough and the nanny suffers from a sore throat. They are amazed at the miraculous recovery of both. Matteos is a charming 3.5 year old who fights with his best friend, popping him on the head occasionally. He asked me “Tia, what is this truck for?” (I have to translate for you.) A collection of five CAT trucks was his gift. He also stole the brilliant pink glowing wand I gave to his sister.

    Last night we attended a party for Cris’ sister’s (Paula) fiance’s (Leo) sister hosted by her mother. She lives on the eleventh floor and has a breathtaking view of the city. There is a lighted sunken wading pool in the livingroom. Increivel! Everyone was delightful. The memories of the old tv show Dallas came to mind-very elegant and seemingly dark histories buried under shiny surfaces. How romantic! Champagne, dried fig salad, filet mignon, creamy strawberry deserts and dark rich cafezinho. A cousin’s (Cedu) wife is the chef. Cedu is a photographer/documentary producer as his hobby and a finance professor by day. I told him about the organic farm project. We may be able to collaborate on a future endeavor!

    I cannot stop looking at my beautiful toes. It is as though they belong to a foot model. Ah…perhaps a new job is in the horizon!

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