Contagious Connection

What is possible in the transition of a relationship when the conflict is beginning to unravel the historical strength between two people.

Silence is an extremely powerful skill to develop. It is a healing process to a healthier, more mindful connection. How might you introduce the idea of a routine of silence while being present to your partner.

One suggestion is to request spending an uninterrupted ten minutes together each day, at the same time, same location, preferably in the morning before your day begins, for a week. The method shifts the charge or perhaps lethargy from the union. Since men are typically more skeptical and analytical versus trusting their intuition, like women, it often takes experiencing the program, to learn through the practice. Silence with “No Thought” is the ideal.

Sit together, knee-to-knee. Hold hands and tell one another what is most important for them to know about you, your day ahead, concerns or challenges. “I feel scared about losing control at my job.” Or “Our son’s needing to catch up with schoolwork is distracting me.” “I want to feel more connected to my best friend.” Set an alarm for the agreed amount of time. Close your eyes after your statement, breathe and sit quietly with the insight.

It is surprising just how many people release these feelings after a time in silence. Those who withhold, which turns into resentment, contempt, and dislike, regardless of whether the initial upset was voiced to the partner, make a shift happen. Telepathy can become evident, oftentimes after one short week in practice. 


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